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Tips From The Pro At BCC

We will admit that golf is a challenging sport however, it is a skill that one can learn young and continue playing into their elder years - a life skill.  Steve Hosack, Head Golf Professional along with David Jankowski, Director of Instruction, Kevin Bennison, First Assistant, Evan Carty, Assistant Professional and Brennan Earls, Assistant Professional, teach everything from the basics for beginners to more advanced techniques for our low handicapped golfers looking to make adjustments.  Learn from Steve, the ABCs to better golf!
Tips From The Pro:
Technology has shown us that the direction of the golf ball is directly influenced by the direction of your club face at impact.  Make sure your club is pointed where you want the ball to go! 

Starting with the driver, the ball should be positioned on your left big toe (for right handed golfers) and then move it back one ball width for fairway woods, one more for long irons (4, 5 and 6) and one more for short irons (7, 8, 9 and wedges), which should put you right in the middle to slightly back of your stance. 


Making contact on the center of the club face (or sweet spot) is very important for both distance and direction.  You can use a dry erase marker or Dr. Scholl's foot spray to show where contact is being made.  Once you realize your tendencies, toe hit vs. heel hit or low on the club face vs. high, you can make adjustments and corrections as needed! 

Practice, Practice, Practice! 

Need lessons? 
Steve Hosack, Head Golf Professional, 802-276-0257
Kevin Bennison, First Assistant, 802-255-2178
Golf Shop, 802-266-1289

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